Ep. 41: Early handicapping of the NBA season

October 17, 2017

If you're playing fantasy basketball (is that a thing?), here's what you need to know about the teams and players who are sure to own the rim.


Ep. 40: The Dominant Ones

October 17, 2017

What do the Yankees, Cavs and Warriors have in common? They show real sings of dominating.


Ep. 39: What’s up with West Coast?

October 16, 2017

Leo spends a lot of time discussing East Coast sports. But, turns out, the West is also interesting! 


Ep. 38: Yankees on the move

October 12, 2017

CC Sabathia may not have the stamina, but he has the speed — and Leo says he's going to need even more juice against the Astros. 


Ep. 37: Yunderdogs

October 11, 2017

Can the Yankees pull it off against Cleveland? It's all on Masahiro Tanaka's shoulders.


Ep. 36: The Yankees’ year?

October 3, 2017

Can rookie sensation Aaron Judge stand the October heat? Leo offers his take.


Ep. 35: A new era

September 19, 2017

The Patriot era will end. Who will take the team's place? Leo says the Rams.


Ep. 34: NFL Week 2 blues

September 18, 2017

As Leo struggles with his palatal expander, it's nothing compared to what Ezekiel Elliott is going through.


Ep. 33: NFL is failing its young fans

September 14, 2017

Leo covers the Indians dream season. Plus: How the NFL discriminates against people with early bedtimes.


Ep. 32: Cleveland’s clear path to the World Series

September 13, 2017

Not since the A's, maybe, has there been such a dominant baseball team as we see in the Indians. Plus: some NYC politics.